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Walls Come Down – Chris Caulfield ft. Stella Grey (Official Lyrics)

I just want more time You should have come to me I know Yeah All...

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    Artisti Online Chris Caulfield

    Artisti Online Reviews “Stockholm Syndrome”

    Popular new music and independent artist discovery blog, Artisti Online, reviews Chris Caulfield’s “Stockholm Syndrome”. Read the full article and discover more new great music on Artisti Online.

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    “Chris’ vocals are definitely the selling point of the song. The text of the song paints a fresco of malaise never fully denounced. In some passages we actually have the impression that the protagonist is almost at ease in that situation of submission. It is a choral piece, with many voices, as if we were witnessing the fragmentation of an individual’s personality and seeing it fall apart.

    An incredibly deep listen that highlights the talent of this artist, highly recommended!”


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