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Walls Come Down – Chris Caulfield ft. Stella Grey (Official Lyrics)

I just want more time You should have come to me I know Yeah All...

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    Losing It – Chris Caulfield (Official Lyrics)

    Do you know what it feels like?
    When your thoughts…
    Your words…
    The doubts…
    When you know you’re going outta your mind?

    Do you know what you have to do?
    Where this has to go?
    And now it’s your time…

    And no one’s sayin’, but I’m not swayin’
    It’s getting just a bit too cold here
    And I’m slippin sicker slowly

    Let me tell it to you
    I know I been trippin’ lately but I’m back here with you
    And now I wanna put in work to show you that I want you
    And I don’t wanna trip in circles til I’m back at the truth
    And I won’t

    You don’t wanna reason
    Don’t wanna hear it
    I know it’s give and take
    I Wanna give it
    Wanna see it
    But I been holding’t way too long now
    And I’m not alright

    I don’t know what it is to know
    Nothing left to show
    And I
    And I gotta get it
    I can’t trust my mind
    Coz I lost my mind
    Don’t know what I’m sayin’
    But it got me prayin’

    But I know that i care about you
    And I won’t let me jeopardize you (no no)
    All of you (no no)

    Do you know what it feels like
    When your thoughts, your words, the doubts
    You know – When you know you’re going outta your mind (outta your mind)

    Whеn you’re slippin in it
    And you panickin’ and
    And then suddenly, nah

    Thеre’s no going back to her and
    There’s also no gettin’ over
    They’ll hate you when they older, so alone in this bed I sowed here


    That’s exactly what I…
    Said inside a hundred thousand times…
    You’re my life… (ooh)

    Son of a bitch
    My god
    How could I do it to you?

    How could I do it after all the years of living in it and it got me thinkin’
    With everybody screamin’
    So outta character
    I awakened
    Got down
    My god i’m breaking

    And can you get in my brain
    Do what you gotta do inside to make it never happen again
    I swear to god I’ll stick with any plan you want and commit
    A fucking 100%

    Do you know what it feel feel feel feels like?
    Do you know the doubt when you know you’re going outta your mind (out of your mind)
    How you see
    You feel
    You taste
    You touch
    And the fog in your mind

    And I wanna know
    And I gotta know
    And I fucking know
    I can’t tell you til I’m older
    But I know this’ll never be over

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