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Walls Come Down – Chris Caulfield ft. Stella Grey (Official Lyrics)

I just want more time You should have come to me I know Yeah All...

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    Artist: Chris Caulfield
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    Stockholm Syndrome by Chris Caulfield

    Stockholm Syndrome

    Stockholm Syndrome is a fusion of sounds, with cryptic lyrics written about the struggle of treating chronic pain and painkillers/addiction and how the patient can encounter the pain-relieving and euphoric properties, which have them “in love with their captor”, and the devastation they also unleash...

    Feelings Chris Caulfield Official Artwork


    Feelings is a genre-bending release from Chris Caulfield, weaving haunting melodies and a bouncy atmosphere together in one of the year's most interesting releases. Stream or purchase anywhere you listen!...

    Official Artwork for Ugly by Chris Caulfield


    Ugly is the latest release from Chris Caulfield, following last month's single, Porchlight. Ugly is a raw, emotional journey through self-exploration and guilt, delivered in a powerful, "dynamic and ever-changing" format. Now streaming everywhere (04/21/2023)....